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What is music therapy?

Music therapy is a scientific discipline that deals with the therapeutic use of music as well as the musical elements  (sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, and volume).  The sessions are conducted by a qualified music therapist, who works towards the achievement of therapeutic goals, which are related to mental, physical, emotional and social issues, as well with the improvement of the quality of life.  Music therapy is not directed towards an artistic outcome, entertainment or music education.


Music therapy is a recognized health profession both in Europe and in the U.S.A. and is governed by a code of ethics and a code of practice.  Evidence-based research is expanding over the last years demonstrating the efficacy of music therapy in a wide range of fields including: mental health, special education, early intervention, neurology, delinquency, addictions, in-patient care, pain management, deafness / cochlear implants, neonate intensive care, and long term illnesses.